Why do I use this particular statue as my personal logo?

As a Libra born on October 8th, your considerate and thoughtful nature are amongst your most appreciated qualities. You thrive for a social setting, where your understanding and sensitivity can emerge. You really do put the needs of others above your own, as it seems you would do just about anything for another human being. Likewise, you always are available to offer a non-judgmental ear or supportive words to those closest to you. It’s very likely that someone has described you as the “perfect friend”. You are driven to your goals and are very realistic about your strengths and weakness. Your desire for justice and to help others may lead you on a path towards law or social work. Air’s influence makes you active, which becomes obvious when you discover a new interest. As if pushed by a strong wind, you will work tirelessly to pursue intellectual and social pursuits. Embracing these initiating qualities of air will play a pivotal role in future successes”.

For many years I have always loved the statue depicting “Themis”, the Blindfolded Goddess in Greek Mythology. For many reasons, I always felt a kinship to this goddess. You most likely are familiar with her because she is used by most lawyers and even on TV shows. Themis represents true justice for all. She was the personification of divine or natural order and justice (her name means Justice). She was also credited with wisdom and foresight and was the protector of the oppressed and a protector of hospitality. Themis is blindfolded; her eyes are covered so as to be impartial. She holds the “scales” that are equally balanced. Being Greek and believing that everyone must be treated the same, no matter what their national origin, race, color, religion, familial status, gender identity, sexual orientation or handicap, is my pledge. In addition, born in October, makes me a Libran who’s zodiac sign utilizes the scales*. My vow is to fight for my clients, do the right thing for all involved in the transaction and always be ethical, patient and courteous.


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